Bands, Sänger, Rapper, ...

Aphex Twin ... Come To Daddy, Icct Hedral, Xtal, Bucephalus Bouncing Ball

Clipping ... Story 2, Work Work, bout.that (ft. baseck), Inside Out

Death Grips ... Guillotine (It goes Yah), I've Seen Footage, Get Got

Devo ... Freedom Of Choice, Girl U Want, Gut Feeling, Whip It

Justice ... Planisphère, Genesis, DVNO, Civilization

Mindless Self Indulgency ... Shut Me Up, Our Pain, Your Gain, It Gets Worse

Micachu and The Shapes ... Turn Me Well, Curly Teeth, Guts

Philip Glass ... Glassworks, Metamorphosis

Rabbit Junk ... Break Shins to This, Pop That Pretty Thirty, Demons, Revenge of Julian Modely, Millennial Pox

Steve Reich ... Music for 18 Musicians, Electric Counterpoint